Rental Terms & Conditions


All bookings for categories A,B,C are made by vehicle category and not by a specific model. In the event of a vehicle not being available in the customer's pre-selected category, always with a confirmed reservation, ALEXANDER CARS reserves the right to provide the customer with a car from a larger category at no cost.


Minimum age of 23 years for the use of cars A, B, C, and 23 years for the rest of the car categories.

Driver's lisence

A valid driving license is required for Greece and the EU, which has been issued at least 2 years before the lease commences. Citizens of non-EU countries are required to have an active international driving license, along with a national driving license.


Coverage to Third Parties

What does it cover;

It covers third party life insurance and personal injury, including on board passengers of our cars up to 1,220,000€ per victim as well as third party material damage, up to 1,220,000€ per accident.

What it doesn't cover;

  • Theft of the whole or part of the car caused by the negligence of the tenant (eg leaving the key in the engine or inside the car or leaving the car unlocked)
  • Intentional damage
  • Damage caused by improper fuel
  • Damages caused from breach of contract
  • Damage caused to the bottom, roof, antenna, mirrors and tires of the car or while the car was on a boat

Means of πayment

The renter can pay by cash or by credit/debit card.


Fines for violating the road traffic code shall be borne by the renter. The renter also undertakes, where appropriate, the payment of administrative costs.

Extra driver

Free of charge


Free of charge

Kids Seat

Free of charge


The Renter must return the car with the same amount of fuel as received. In case of returning the car with less fuel than the original (ie the amount of fuel that the customer received from the vehicle) the customer is liable for the difference in fuel. No compensation is provided to the customer if the car is returned with a larger amount of fuel than received. The vehicles are delivered with a minimum of fuel corresponding to ¼ of the tank.


The rates provided for every vehicle include a 200km/day limit. Any additional kilometers over 200 km/day will be charged to the customer upon return of the vehicle with an amount of 0.20€ per kilometer for the passengers or 0.50€+ per km for the minivan.


In the event of an accident the customer is charged 15€ for the costs of managing the accident file.

Roadside assistance

ALEXANDER CARS are covered by 24-hour roadside assistance. Contact details for road assistance are listed in the lease.

Car transport across the border

Car transportation and driving outside the Greek border are prohibited. Exceptionally only with the written permission of the company and payment of any amount specified by the company is allowed to drive the car outside the borders.

Car transportation by boat

Car shipping by boat requires written approval from the company.